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Four Local School Budgets Pass, One Falters

Residents in the Bellmores and the Merricks handily passed four of five 2018-19 budgets, with the North Bellmore School District failing to pass its $57,228,137 budget on a super majority vote. Residents in the North Bellmore School District voted 1322 for the

Where to Cast Your School Ballots

Voting for the 2018-19 school budget and school board members comes in the middle of the month, on Tuesday, May 15. The voting times available at the four elementary component districts – which will include voting for the 2018-19 Bellmore-Merrick Central

Costlier School Budgets Offer More Security

Budgets in the communities’ five school districts for the 2018-19 fiscal year are reflecting changing priorities in the face of new  realities that have quickly encroached on school boards, such as school safety concerns after 17 people were killed in a

Dr. Drobbin, Chiropractic, Opens New Bellmore Office

Dr. Douglas Drobbin, a chiropractor practicing wellness (including nutrition and massage) at his office for many years on Merrick Road in Merrick, had opened a new practice at 1298 Newbridge Road, in Bellmore.  In many ways, he says he is coming

Hempstead Town to Build Green Infrastructure to Curb Flooding

After years of community forums and discussions about how to create better drainage in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, which decimated scores of homes and businesses in Merrick and Bellmore – notable among them the Dakota Design Center on Merrick Road

Celebrating Mother’s Day With Love – In Every Bite

Born in ancient Greco/Roman times to honor the goddesses of Rhea and Cybele, Mother’s Day evolved over the centuries to include religious connotations toward the “mother” church and proclamations of “Mother’s Peace Day” to honor world peace before going “secular” in