Calhoun Club Focuses on Community Cupboard

The Community Cupboard Calhoun Club photois a food pantry that supports more than 130 local Bellmore-Merrick families. The newly formed Community Cluboard is a cluborganized by a small
group of Calhoun students, who are also dedicated to helping the community.

The purpose of the Cluboard is to organize community service events, link and connect with students as well as market these events.

“The Community Cupboard has many wonderful, generous and thoughtful donors,” explained faculty advisor/assistant principal Mark Melkonian. “One of our first partners, Barbara Philoptochos, the philanthropic
chapter of St. Demetrios Church, has partnered with the Community Cupboard for the past few years. They have collected a tremendous amount of food, distributed turkey dinners, cases of water and other necessary supplies.”

Burgritos is another local partner that has supported the food pantry. They donated gift cards and holiday meals. The Merrick Community Nursery School, another valued partner, has contributed to the Cupboard through the years as well. They have organized
food drives and collections, Melkonian explained.

During the summer, Cluboard co-presidents James Gavnoudias and Liam Hardstone organized an online fund to raise money during the pandemic. With the more than $2,000 was raised, the club purchased 100 Stop & Shop gift cards for the families who utilize
the pantry.

During the Thanksgiving season, the Cluboard sponsored its first “Clash of the Classes” food drive with help of the National Honor Society – Calhoun Chapter. There was a significant amount of contributions during the three-week period.

“The leadership of the Cluboard met with the Calhoun Alumni Association and created a sustainable initiative for the Community
Cupboard,” added Hardstone. “The roots of our Calhoun Alumni run deep in the community.”

“We are determined to give back to this community and thankful for the opportunity to support those families in need,” added Gavnoudias.

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