Flags Flying Proudly!

Organized Facebook groups have been raising donations and beautifying the community with American flags.

It all began with Eric Uss who started the facebook group Flags Fly High in Seaford. With the help of Seaford resident Michael Hampton they installed
over 1000 flags. They received national media attention becoming an inspiration to the neighboring communities to do the same.

Merrick residents Marie and Chris Deacon, Joe Endrich and Jeremy Gillott started the Facebook group Flags Fly High over Merrick. They requested
community members come together, putting politics and problems aside, showing patriotism for the country we live in. The streets of Merrick are lined with flags thanks to the group they started!

Merrick Flags flying high

Ameer Benno and Bob Borzym of Bellmore started Flags Fly High over Bellmore. Thanks to the group Flags are being raised throughout Bellmore.

hometown hero

The project started by Eric Uss, it has grown inspiring many communities. Flags Fly High Facebook groups are also in Wantagh, Massapequa, Island Trees and Levittown to name a few. Elected officials presented all of these groups with Town of Hempstead Hometown Hero citations for their efforts and great display of patriotism bringing our communities together.

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