Election Day – Tuesday Nov. 3 from 6am to 9pm

On General Election Day, November 3, vote at your designated polling place. Polling locations will be open from 6am to 9pm.

Did you vote early and now have voter’s remorse? According to the state Board of Elections, a voter can change their absentee ballot vote by voting in person. So if a New Yorker votes in person, their absentee ballot, which is counted after all the in-person votes are tallied, would be discarded.

“Even if you request or cast and return an absentee ballot, you may still go to the polls and vote in person,” according to the board’s website.

All in person voting at a designated polling place is final and can not be changed. If you are mailing an absentee ballot in, it has to be postmarked by Election Day, November 3, and received by the county board of elections by November 10 to be counted.

election 2020 image2020 Candidates Vying For Your Vote This Election Year:

Candidate for President
Joseph R. Biden DEM, WFP
Donald J. Trump REP, CON (incumbent)
Candidate for Vice President
Kamala D. Harris DEM, WFP
Michael R. Pence REP, CON (incumbent)
Justice of the Supreme Court (vote for 8)
Valerie M. Cartright DEM, REP, CON, IND
Randy Sue Farber DEM, REP, CON
Derrick J. Robinson DEM, REP, CON, IND
Erica L. Prager DEM, REP, CON
Kathy G. Bergmann DEM, REP, CON, IND
Joseph R. Conway DEM, REP, CON
Timothy P. Mazzei DEM, REP, CON, IND
Gary F. Knobel DEM, REP, CON
Brian L. Browns IND
Patricia M. Blake IND
Randy Berler IND
Evan Tanenbaum IND

County Court Judge (vote for 2)
Caryn R. Fink DEM, REP, CON, IND
Chris E. Hoefenkrieg DEM, REP, CON, IND

Family Court Judge
Lisa A. Cairo DEM, REP, CON, IND

District Court Judge, District 2 (vote for 4)
Tricia M. Ferrell DEM, REP, CON, IND
Ignatius L. Muscarella DEM, REP, CON, IND
Darlene D. Harris DEM, REP, CON, IND
Robert E. Pipia DEM, REP, CON, IND

District Court Judge, District 3
Lisa M. Petrocelli DEM, REP, CON
District Court Judge, District 4 (vote for 2)
Chris J. Coschignano DEM, REP, CON, IND
David W. Wright DEM, REP, CON, IND

Representative in Congress, District 4
Kathleen M. Rice DEM (incumbent)
Douglas L. Tuman REP, CON
Joseph R. Naham GRE

Senator, District 8
John E. Brooks REP, WFP, IND (incumbent running unopposed)

Member of Assembly, District 14
Kevin C. Gorman DEM
David G. McDonough REP, CON, IND (incumbent)
Jake Gutowitz LBT

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