How To Keep Those Fitness Resolutions

How To Keep Those Fitness Resolutions

By Bobbie Arnel

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Every New Years Eve, one of the most prevalent resolutions made is to lose weight and get healthy. Gyms are all busting at the seams in January with people trying to attain those health and fitness goals. However, if you are like most people, by March or April, those resolutions will be long forgotten. So, how do you stay focused and actually follow through on your fitness resolutions?

There are several tricks and tips to help you on this fitness journey:

1. specific, and short-term, i.e., instead of a long-term goal of losing a total of 30 pounds, resolve to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week, or to go to the gym 2-3 times per week, or to cut out one unhealthy food every day, etc.

2. schedule it into your calendar the same way you would any other appointment

3. if you know someone is meeting you at the gym, or waiting for you on a corner for you to walk, you are much less likely to just turn over and go back to sleep

4. life happens; if you eat out of control at a party, or drink more alcohol than you planned, or miss your gym workout, just start again tomorrow; don’t beat yourself up over the past— just keep moving forward and focus on your goals

5. there are fabulous fitness apps out there, including Runkeeper, MyFitness- Pal, and many others; use these apps or wear a Fitbit to track yourself; seeing the number of steps walked in a day is very motivating to most people

6. there are probably several of you with the same goal in your workplace, your school, etc.; challenge your friends or coworkers to a competition of who can do the most steps in a week; use a tech tool to track your steps

7. change up your fitness routine often in order to see results; many people go on the treadmill and then do the same 5 or 6 machines in the gym everyday; your body will get used to that routine and stop responding; take a spin class today, do the treadmill tomorrow, take a kickboxing class the next day, use dumbbells one day and weight machines the next; changing up your workout will keep you from getting bored as well, which can often lead to quitting

8. each time you achieve a short-term goal, i.e. lose 5 pounds, or walk 50,000 steps in a week, etc., reward yourself with a treat. This could be going to a movie, buying a new workout outfit, or eating a small bowl of your favorite ice cream 9. Fitness is actually comprised of 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise; therefore, even if you go to the gym every day, if you are eating fatty, unhealthy foods, you will have a very hard time losing weight

The key overall to getting healthy and fit is staying focused on your goals. Pay attention to everything you eat, and MAKE the time for exercise. One of my favorite mottos is “Nothing tastes as good as being fit feels”. YOU CAN DO THIS! Make this the year you finally get healthy and in shape.

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