Landmarks Commission Sets Second St. Matthias Church Hearing

A second hearing on the status toward land marking the historical St. Matthias Episcopal Church at 23656 Jerusalem Avenue has been set for Tuesday, November 20, beginning at 4:30 p.m. in the Old Town Hall.

The Town of Hempstead Landmarks Commission granted the hearing after the Episcopal Diocese retained an attorney who requested the hearing in a letter to the commission. While the diocese appeared adequately represented at the first meeting by a member of the diocese in charge of all Long Island church properties who argued eloquently that the church would lose much-needed revenue to help with its ministries across the island, one member of the commission said the letter broke no new ground in the diocese’s defense against land marking the 118 year-old church. Your NewsMag covered the church’s position in the September issue.

The commission said at the time of its initial granting of landmark status that there was significance to the design of  the structure to make in meaningful to the community, that historical value does not mean it needs to be an old structure, and that the structure has a “unique” chemistry within the community. The commission granted In favor of those three criteria.

Meanwhile, the diocese recently cleared away dead trees and other brush on the property, as well as garbage being dumped at the back of the church property.

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