2018 ELECTIONS: US 4th Congressional District

Incumbent Congresswoman Kathleen Rice represents the 4th Congressional District and is being challenged by Bellmore resident Ameer Benno. Congresswoman Rice’s campaign did not respond to several requests to answer these questions by press time.



What is the current State of the Union?

Factors including de-industrialization, the hidden devaluation of the dollar, open borders, social fragmentation, unnecessary wars and a lack of bi-partisanship in the House and Senate are edging our country to the brink of catastrophe.  The current administration is addressing these issues, but obstructionists are slowing progress on correcting many of our crisis points. The Union is strong; it just needs to be made stronger.

Is this country in a constitutional crisis, heading toward one, or are the institutions of the country working as the founding fathers envisioned?

For decades, the Democrats have sought to impose their social policies on the country through judicial fiat, rather than by legislation. This is not exactly what the founders envisioned.  We currently see a coordinated effort by the Democrats, the media and members of the permanent bureaucracy in Washington to reverse the outcome of a fairly won presidential election.This represents an assault on, and a disdain for, our constitutional order.

The economy is said to be robust at the moment. Will expected revenues from new jobs and new businesses be enough to pay down the deficit, expected to be over $1 trillion by 2019?

Increased revenue will help to bring down the deficit, but there are other factors. America was once the greatest manufacturing powerhouse the world had ever seen. For the last 30 years, our leadership in both parties has been in thrall to the dogma of unfettered free trade. The predictable result is that millions of manufacturing jobs have gone overseas. Along with open borders, this has brought despair to our communities, as entire American towns and cities have been hollowed out. The administration is renegotiating unfair trade agreements and putting in place new agreements that offer win/win outcomes for both sides. Outcomes that protect our trade, protect our jobs and protect the dignity of American workers and families.

With cybercrime thought of as the warfare of the 21st century,  will larger increases in military spending focus on fighting this new  type of war, rather than building new military hardware?

The United States made a mistake in ceding control of the internet in 2016, under President Obama, to an international body. America must maintain a decisive edge in military superiority both in conventional terms, and in new areas of warfare and anywhere else potential threats arise. We need to be forward- thinking about possible threats that have not yet been realized, such as attacks on the power grid and water supply, chemical and biological threats and EMP attack. We are living our lives in cyberspace and that space must be defended just as our physical borders must be defended.

Did an FBI investigation called for by the President for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh result in a fairer and more impartial hearing?

The Democrats attempted to destroy an honorable man and his family through scurrilous false accusations of being a gang rapist. Then they complained that he appeared emotional and angry about these accusations. Then they said he was unfit because he wouldn’t be able to be fair to them. We can expect more of this if the Democrats are handed power again.

Is there long-term risk to the country in pulling out of – or rewriting – previously agreed-to treaties, such as the Paris climate agreement, the Iran nuclear deal and NAFTA?

Under the Iran deal, Obama guaranteed that Iran – the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, and one that has repeatedly pledged Israel’s destruction – would eventually acquire a nuclear weapon. The Paris agreement was a feel-good measure that many climate change experts viewed as being an unrealistic document. Through NAFTA, Bill Clinton destroyed American manufacturing jobs, betraying the union families the Democrats claim to value.  If a deal or an agreement is bad, it should be renegotiated.

How will the lives of your constituents be different if your party maintains the House this fall?

If the Democrats capture Congress in the fall, expect two years of gridlock, vitriol and poison like we recently saw with the Kavanaugh hearings. A Republican House, on the other hand, will allow us the chance to enact new policies that finally put America first in healthcare, jobs, infrastructure, public safety, social security and first in the rights of individuals and recognition of our

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