Merokian Wins Best Short Documentary at LIIFE

The short 10-minute film “Alex,” about a conversation between a Merrick mother and her son Alex as he struggles to rebuild his life after a near-fatal car crash that left him with traumatic brain injury, won the Best Short Documentary category during the21st Annual Long Island International Film Expo Annual Awards held recently at the Bellmore Movies.

Janet Salvaggio, a Merrick Realtor and mother of Alex, told Your NewsMag after receiving the award that she hopes the film can go a long way toward presenting and revealing the importance that a firm and positive outlook can have on such devastating brain injury, which can contribute to a lasting positive result.

She also emailed to Your NewsMag after the award that “Alex was in a car accident five-and-a-half years ago, he’s a Calhoun graduate and Merrick resident.  Alex suffered a traumatic brain Injury and is unable to verbalize, eat by mouth or walk. All the doctors said he would never wake up, or breathe on his own. Alex has proven them all wrong, mainly because he is showing the true definition of a hero, warrior and survivor.  Alex never ever gives up and does all this with a smile on his face.  We have been blessed with a circle of an amazing support team. We could not get through a day without them all……. It’s a bittersweet win!!!

The short film “Alex” can be found at

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