Reading the Declaration of Independence

The Historical Society of the Merricks will hold its annual reading of the Declaration on Independence  on Wednesday, July 4, beginning at  10 a.m.  The reading will be held at the Merrick Gazebo, located at the intersection of Merrick Avenue and Sunrise Highway, just north of the LIRR tracks.

This time-honored event has been an ongoing ceremony that was instituted by the Historical Society more than 25 years ago.

Participants at the gathering will have an opportunity to actually read a single line from the Declaration. A free copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States will be distributed to all in attendance.

Lawrence Garfinkel, president of the Historical Society, will, as always, offer historical documentation to remind those in attendance that group readings such as this one took place all over the land when the declaration was first shared with the country’s population.

All ages are welcome to attend and participate, and the society notes that the noon-hour tradition still leaves the rest of the day for families to attend to their own traditional celebrations.


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