North Bellmore SD Reschedules Budget Vote

The North Bellmore School District will hold a second vote on its 2018-19 fiscal budget on Tuesday, June 19, after its initial 2018-19 fiscal budget was voted down during budget voting on May 15.

Residents will be asked to vote for a newer, pared down budget of $57,153,137, $75,000 less than the school district’s original 2018-19 budget of $57,228,137. While the first budget passed, with 1322 for the budget and 1231 against it, residents overwhelmingly rejected two transportation proposals, leading to an overall voting approval of only 51.8%.

With the transportation propositions breaking the 3.4% tax cap set for the district by the state, a 60% supermajority was required to pass the entire budget package,  which fell short by roughly 8%. Residents had voted to keep student transportation distances the same, with 1450 votes for no change, and 232 votes for a ½-mile limit; and 854 votes for a 2-mile limit. Similarly, 1982 voted against extending the current 15-mile limit for non-public students to 17.5 miles, while 452 voted to extend it.

The following resolution was passed during the monthly district meeting, held on May 22:

BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Education authorize the North Bellmore School   District to expend the sum in the General Fund Appropriation in the total amount of $57,153,137 for the 2018/2019 school year.


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