Four Local School Budgets Pass, One Falters

Residents in the Bellmores and the Merricks handily passed four of five 2018-19 budgets, with the North Bellmore School District failing to pass its $57,228,137 budget on a super majority vote.

Residents in the North Bellmore School District voted 1322 for the budget and 1231 against it, for a 51.8% approval. State law requires a 60% supermajority to pass the budget. Residents also voted to keep student transportation distances the same, with 1450 votes for no change, 232 votes for a ½-mile limit and 854 votes for a 2-mile limit.

Similarly, residents voted 1982 votes against extending the current 15-mile limit for non-public students to 17.5 miles, while 452 voted to extend it.

Board incumbents Nina Lanci and Melissa Cmar-Grote won re-election by 1170 and 1119 votes, respectively.

Superintendent Marie Testa said after the vote in a prepared statement that “The North Bellmore School District would like to thank all those who came out to vote yesterday. Although the district won 51.8% in favor of the budget, unfortunately the budget did not pass because we did not obtain the 60% majority needed to pass the budget due to the two community submitted transportation referendums.

“We will be meeting with the board on Tuesday, May 22, to discuss the next steps and details involving the revote, which will take place on June 19.”


Voters approved the proposed budget for the Merrick School District of $51, $51,791,334 by 813 yes votes to 310 against.  In the Merrick Board of Education election, Pamela Banks, Nancy S. Kaplan and Linda Wilk were elected to the Board of Education. Vote totals were Kaplan, 740; Banks, 554; Wilk,533; Gabrielle Curcio, 45; and Richard J. Soleymanzadeh, 272.


The Bellmore School District’s $35,267,556 budget passed 416 for to 227 against. The proposition to establish a new capital reserve fund also passed 432 for and 200 against.

Trustee elections included wins of 407 votes for incumbent Marion Blane and 418 votes for incumbent Brian Desmond.


The district’s $32,492,312 2018-19 budget passed 829 votes to 331 against, while Proposition No. 2 passed 776 to 369, and the high school capital improvement budget passed 865 to 290.

The results for the two at-large seats on the North Merrick Board of Education were Vincent Lentini, 586 votes; and Michelle Gordon,  531 votes.


The district’s budget of $159,788,043, passed by a vote of 3333 to 2066. Additionally, the approval of Proposition No. 2, to permit the district expend funds from the capital reserve fund, was approved by a vote of 3741 to 1600.





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