Smart is in: Get Smart!


In one week’s time I knew I had better get smarter, and fast!

It became strikingly apparent that I was falling behind. Being “smart” is no longer a phenomenon for the future or something just for techies. Smart is in.

Smart has permeated all aspects of life from smart cars that take us to our smart home and every smart room in it! I panicked when I found a friend’s locked car running for 15 minutes without her. Yes, I searched for a body! I didn’t realize that from miles away she could program the car to start and heat up inside, making it cozy for her arrival.

From even farther away, another continent in fact, my cousin called asking who the man was walking her dogs. My son turned on his apartment’s air conditioner, lowered his shades, programmed the taping of a show and streamed another all while riding a train. Yet another millennial was reduced to tears while at work as she watched and listened to her new puppy cry incessantly during her absence. The latter resulted in doggie day-care and the culmination was an eye-opener to the automated and smart world we have come to depend on.


Smart design used to mean good space planning, a striking room or a highly organized closet. It now means incorporating automation and the newest technology into design – and the possibilities are endless.

Fireplace OnA smart fireplace

Patricia Salcedo, lead designer of III View Design in Bellmore, has merged smart elements into her newly renovated showroom and design repertoire. “I wanted to create a state of the art showroom with the newest materials,” Salcedo explained. “As a designer on the cutting edge,” she added, “I needed to showcase automation and integrate smart features into great design, because it can be!”

A visit to the showroom brings you face-to-face with a camera-ready security system, Sonance surround sound, motorized shades and an attractive mirror set in an inviting living space. More impressively, that mirror “conceals-is-becomes” a television with the click of a remote!

Kitchen onA smart kitchen

The same modern mirror technology can be applied to a fireplace, bedrooms, media rooms, kitchens or bathrooms. With space at a premium in kitchens, placing an integrated television into a backsplash is desirable. Think about watching the news or a sporting event while brushing your teeth or shaving. A visit to the bathroom can actually mean a front row movie seat. This new mirror technology is a “now you see it; now you don’t” technical phenomena that is an easy “turn on” for the techie and non-techie alike.

One can be smart all over. Today’s technology can be applied to the outdoors, too.

Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

A smart bathroom cabinet

So, whether your reach is from your car, a train, or another continent, you control how much control you have over your home. Touch screens, large and small, celebrate your smart quotient visibly.

However, if you choose to be demure about your smart abilities, discreet remotes or mirror-televisions that turn that familiar black box into a beautiful design element will still reflect your smart savvy. Smart homes today aim to be thoughtless. The evolution of smart automation now makes it easier for the end user both to operate and live. Whether you live your life “smartly” or dabble in it, getting smart is just a click – or a disappearing trick – away!


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