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Making History with Anne and Henry Stampfel at the Bellmore Movies

When Your NewsMag last spoke with Anne and Henry Stampfel they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Long Island International Film Exposition, the premiere Long Island film festival that brings independent film front-and-center as a critically acclaimed art form, and

School Libraries Redesign to Promote Comfort, Collaboration

The “Digital Divide” is apparently not far along in using digital devices to replace venerable libraries as complete one-stop information sources. The devices have instead turned into tools to promote student collaboration during school hours in libraries as they also bring
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THE ARTS: The Writer’s Life

The Long Island Writers Guild will hold two ongoing workshops at the Bellmore Memorial Library in March: on March 6, at 10:30 a.m., and on March 20, at 10:30 a.m. The workshops help inspiring writers get published by helping them hone
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THE ARTS: Enhance Your Recipes By Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine can be an adventure: It is creative, an art … and a science! Using wines to prepare dinner is, above all, about taste. What wine you decide to use will clearly enhance the flavors of the dish(es) you
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Bellmore Chamber Presents New Awards, Names New Officers

                 THE ROY WEINMAN LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD Anne and Henry Stampfel:  Bellmore Movies and Showplace Anne and Henry Stampfel have been the owners of the Bellmore Theater and Showplace on Pettit Avenue for over 30 years. It is a landmark theater

Can NYAmerican Water Rates Be Lowered?

Clean Air Water and Soil Ltd. of Merrick, an environmental group seeking to reduce NYAmerican Water rates in the Merrick district through at least two avenues, provided updates to over 30 residents at a recent meeting at the Merrick Clubhouse.  Residents