Residents Vote to Sell School

The Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District will sell the Jerusalem Avenue Middle School to Nassau BOCES, its occupant of 19 years, after residents passed a referendum vote on December 5, with 759 votes for (73%) and 278 votes (27%) against. Nassau BOCES will next put the vote to its member districts sometime in the new year to see whether they are all on board with the purchase.  Final cost of the sale is expected to be $12 million, which district Superintendent John DeTommaso said will help reduce budgeting costs to keep taxes down over the next 10 years. He said over $15 million would have been needed to refurbish the structure using bond issue finances. Nassau BOCES paid $1.3 million yearly in rent.  Paramount to the sale was that the district would continue to own the athletic field on the property, so that district teams could continue to practice on the field. The district had recently added $20,000 in new bleachers. The district wished to thank all those who voted in favor of the proposal

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