Delivering Milk Bottles to Your Door, Once More

What do sitting with a glass of fanciful eggnog to break the chill of a long winter’s night, pouring a heaping glass of chocolate milk over the holiday break for your children, or indulging in a tall glass of cold creamy farm-fresh milk to help with a plate of decorative holiday cookies all have in common?

They are once again being delivered in glass bottles to your door once a week, with no need to go out in a pinch to a crowded supermarket to pick a carton off a shelf that sports an annoying expiration date.

That’s the promise the Bellmore Milk Company has been delivering to some 100 customers in the Bellmores and the Merricks since last February, when a former Kennedy student decided he wanted to have his milk delivered once again to his house and eat his cookies – and pies and cakes – too.  So, he stated a milk delivery company.

eggnog Fresh Egg nog

“It began with wanting glass bottles of milk delivered to my home,” Todd Farber, a lifelong Bellmore resident who attended Shore Road, Grand Avenue and Kennedy schools, told Your NewsMag. He said he posted to Facebook to gather general interest as to whether residents, both local and around Nassau County, might be interested.

Buoyed by instant favorable feedback, he next began researching local farms within the region that may be able to provide milk to match a plan to deliver it to homes.  “I hoped to be able to use a close farm upstate” that could provide the milk, he continued, and found it in the Battenkill Creamery in Salem, New York.

Not a certified organic farm, Battenkill nonetheless produces milk products that are free from hormones and antibiotics using free-ranging cows that are fed mostly grass. In the winter months, of course, grains are the primary choices of feed.


Farber suggests the milk may be as healthy as organic milk because, due to shelf life, even organic milk is “spiked” with a preservative to keep it fresh on the shelves for up to two weeks.  But, he says, “farm-fresh milk that we deliver to homes is fresh within a day or two of it being pasteurized and homogenized, so it will stay fresh for up to 14 days in the refrigerator.”

The taste of freshly produced milk out of a bottle is much different, too, he maintained.  He says that using glass bottles, there will be no aftertaste from leaching that can occur from waxed cardboard containers or plastic containers, for example. “The milk is not leaning against a material that can give off a residue,” he said. It also tastes creamier.


The smartness of using glass bottles – and the integrity they bring – becomes more evident when they are returned to the creamery to be cleaned and reused, significantly reducing or eliminating the process of adding them to ever-growing waste stream.  Purchasing glass bottles that can be returned for reuse is a statement for the sustainability of the earth.

The Bellmore Milk Company is a “green” company, and its customers are advocating for a “green” approach to living, Farber says.

The challenge, however, is in the cost of ordering glass bottles to your home rather than purchasing milk in wax containers or plastic containers at a food store. Each half-gallon of milk rings in at $4.17 while a whole gallon of organic milk can purchased for as little as $4.99. But Farber insists the half-gallon cost is well worth the price because it remains fresh without hormones or preservatives, and the bottle is recyclable, helping reduce waste in the waste cycle.

He adds that, with a subscription to purchase milk from the company, discounts are applied to the costs. The company doesn’t offer gallons of milk because, he says, logistically they are too heavy.

The Bellmore Milk Company receives its milk shipments from the creamery on Friday night, and he and his drivers (there are two) are out on the road by 3 a.m. to begin deliveries. With over 200 customers on Long Island – including western Suffolk, easily 80-100 of those customers are from the Bellmore-Merrick neighborhoods, Farber told Your NewsMag.

Comments on the company’s facebook page include Rachel Lauren remarking that “Sixteen glasses of chocolate milk later, and this giant 5 year old is hooked for life. I don’t think I’ve ever had better chocolate milk in my 28 years!” Andrea Gill said “Fresh, delicious and stays nice and cold in the glass bottle. My boys loved the chocolate milk!” Gennifer Albaum added, “So excited that our milk comes from the farm to my fridge! Milk is creamy and so delicious!”

Presently, the company offers half-gallons and quarts of milk, quarts of egg nog during season, quarts and pints of chocolate milk, milk with the old-fashioned cream at the top, 1% and 2% reduced fat milk and a new lineup of Greek yogurt made on Long Island called Nounos. There are a total of 51 different products on display at the website.

Orders are placed on the website by Wednesday for delivery on Saturday and Sunday. Farber says customers can simply leave a cooler on the porch, where their deliveries will be placed.

Visit the company’s website for full product information, or call 783-3654.


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