National Bullying Month: Words of Acceptance and Kindness Learned Here

The valuable messages of empathy, acceptance and understanding differences were supported with an important assembly recently conducted at Levy Lakeside Elementary School by the myFace organization. Representatives from myFace, a nonprofit organization that creates awareness and helps improve the lives of people living with craniofacial conditions focused on celebrating uniqueness and choosing to be kind.

Students listened to stories shared by children impacted with craniofacial conditions and learned about the importance of being an upstander during an assembly arranged by school library educator Melissa Levine, reading specialist Jenn Stein and school social worker Lori Schneider.

As part of the assembly, the speakers discussed the heartfelt books We’re All Wonders and Wonder, by R.J. Palacio, as well as her inspirations behind these stories. Both books share the story of a young boy who, after undergoing 27 surgeries to address a facial abnormality, enrolls in public school, where he’s subjected to name-calling due to his physical condition. Young readers of the book develop compassion and respect for the character and are reminded of the importance of being kind.

While there, myFace video recorded interviews with students Hunter Hoehn, Caroline Jacoby, Brianna Okolie, Rachel Watson and Noah Zinman, who were asked to share their thoughts on the books, assemblies and experiences related to diversity, bullying, kindness and tolerance. The video will run on the myFace website ( and YouTube during the month of October as part of their National Bullying Prevention Month.


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