Chabad Introduces New Torah to Community

The Chabad Center for Jewish Life at 2174 Hewlett Avenue in Merrick introduced a new Torah scroll to the community and its members at the Merrick Gazebo recently to the delight of many of its members.

Once several members had an opportunity to inscribe a letter into the new Torah, the congregation marched along Merrick Avenue to the sanctuary on Hewlett Avenue.

letter scribeEach letter inscribed into the torah is letter inscribed in perpetuity

The Torah, dedicated by David Veitzman and family, is important to the center because “It’s better to have more than one Torah for the High Holy Days,” remarked Rabbi Shimon Kramer. He added that it was time for a new scroll, as the other one had been getting good use.

Merokian Howard Schwartz, who attended the celebration of the new Torah at the Gazebo, told Your NewsMag that Rabbi Kramer is an excellent spiritual leader, adding that there are never too many Torahs to have, only too few.

He added that for those who inscribed a letter, they “inscribe that letter into perpetuity.”

familyRichard and Debbie Soley with Samara, Shanna and Sy embrace the new

M. Joe Azral Joe Azrak said the new scroll is terrific, because it’s historical. After inscribing a letter into the new scroll, he said “This is the sixth scroll I’ve signed.” He noted the other signings of new Torahs took place in Jerusalem.

Cindy and Lawrence Knoll were delighted with the new scroll. It’s amazing, said Cindy, to have a new sacred Torah.  “It’s a real mitzvah to have a new Torah in the community.”

The Torah Scroll is the most sacred literature in Judaism, and is thought to compose the words of God as given by Moses to the Jewish people. It has passed from generation to generation for at least three millennia. The Torah consists of dozens of parchment sheets and 304,805 character letters.

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