Back-to-School with North Merrick Superintendent Dr. Seniuk

On behalf of the Board of Education and district administration, I extend a warm welcome to the 2017-2018 school year in the North Merrick schools.  Throughout the summer, our dedicated staff has been preparing our classrooms and designing curricula to ensure that our students hit the ground running at the start of school. A productive collaboration amongst our educators has positioned this new school year as one filled with exciting instructional initiatives!

This fall, we will launch a three-year plan that will include redesigning our computer labs into 21st century learning environments, reconfiguring our library learning spaces and acquiring 3D printers.

Interactive Nureva Span Boards, installed in each building, will take our district’s tradition of hallway learning to an eye-popping, astonishing and empowering new level.  Similarly, third-grade classrooms district-wide will be equipped with flexible furniture, including pedal desks, bean bag chairs and versatile shaped tables to optimize the mind-body connection and help students work collaboratively as they communicate and engage in critical thinking.

Marine biology touch tanks, chick-hatching incubators, stream tables, structure and bridge materials and additional laptop carts will be present in each building.

Our teachers will be participating in professional development throughout the school year, designed to be fully integrated within the classrooms. Our new website, which will launch in September, will provide an easy-to-navigate and dynamic platform to celebrate the successes of our district and optimize communication with the community.

I look forward to partnering with you to support our students’ growth and achievement as we embark on this journey to create an even more innovative and collaborative learning environment in the North Merrick School District.


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