Local School Budgets Pass

As expected, the Bellmore, Bellmore-Merrick Central High, Merrick, North Bellmore and North Merrick School Districts budgets all passed last night.

The results: Bellmore”s $34,602,655 budget on a tax levy of 2.19% passed 523 votes for, with 189 against.

The Merrick district budget of $49,277,857 on a tax levy of 1.77% passed 567 to 195.

North Bellmore’s budget of $55,321,132 on a tax levy increase of 2.18%, passed 1089, with 488 voting no.

North Merrick’s school budget of $31,389,464 on a tax levy of 2.99% passed 981 votes for and 283 against.

Lastly, the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District budget of $153,666,863 with a tax levy under 3% passed on a vote of 3,019 for and  1,157 against, with a

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