III View Design and Construction to Renovate Space

Since the nearly 10,000 square feet Dakota Design Center was forced to permanently close its doors because of Super Storm Sandy, the design group that operated within the center has firmly reestablished itself in Bellmore.

Now calling itself III View Design and Construction Inc., lead designer Patricia Salcedo finds the angst and chaos that gripped the design group – during the days, weeks and months after the near-total destruction of the design center – has long subsided.

Immediately following the tumultuous days and near-complete wipeout of her design studio, Salcedo explained she instead quickly turned to someone she thought could help. “I remember calling Rich, owner of Republic Lighting, and saying, ‘Help, I need a space.”

“We had so many new and old clients that truly needed our assistance from the same flood waters and I wasn’t about to disappoint any of them,” Salcedo remembered. She explained that, although Republic Lighting, 2355 Merrick Road in Bellmore,  experienced minor flooding from the October 2012 storm, it was able to house Salcedo and her design group, and the very limited resources that remained from SuperStorm Sandy’s wrath.

Long-time loyal suppliers responded immediately to Salcedo’s call for resources, and she began to fill the lighting space provided to her with everything from flooring and carpets to furnishings and accessories.

Much has happened since “Sandy” displaced the old design group. Salcedo, who always believed that the building and design group – each with different names – confused people, opted in 2014 to join forces with III View Design and Construction Inc. The broad license allows III View Design and Construction Inc. to work on both construction and interior design projects of all sizes.

Although Salcedo had contemplated moving to alternative locations, she ultimately chose to remain within the Republic Lighting showroom. Salcedo finds the relationship with Republic Lighting to be a symbiotic pairing. “I always wanted a one-stop shop for the home,” Salcedo added, “and having a design group and lighting showroom under one roof works out well for all, especially the customers!”

However, other than a coat of paint, the Republic showroom hasn’t seen a renovation in a very long time. Salcedo plans to put her stamp and designer’s touch on the aging space with a much-needed face lift in the very near future.

“It’s a grand space,” Salcedo concluded, “and it has the potential to be a highlight on Merrick Road!”

Local contractors welcome to new Merrick supply location

Meanwhile, surges in growth have led the North East Windows and Quality Fence Company of Kees Place in Merrick, behind the Merrick rail road station, to open a second facility at 1565 Merrick Road to store product and display new window and PVC fence product to local contractors.

Formerly the location of the Dakota Design Center that was destroyed during Superstorm Sandy, Steven Kaiserman, vice-president of North East Windows and Quality Fence, told Your NewsMag that the new location provides visibility for contractors – when traveling to Home Depot or when turning to dispose of materials at the Town of Hempstead refuse center on Merrick Road – to see displays of vinyl windows and fences – and pique interest.

Approximately one-third of the original design building still stands, while a spacious new yard has opened up with the removal of the rest of the building. Windows and fences are stored at the new yard, for later distribution to the facility on Kees Place.  Both windows and fences are manufactured at a facility in Freeport.

The window and fence manufacturer employs 120 local employees at both its manufacturing facility at Kees Place, and at a vinyl extruding plant in Freeport.  The Merrick facility has a storied history, having been a one-time facility for building pipe organs during Merrick’s early years.

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