MAMS Student Cubes 4 A Cure

Sebastian Otalora just might have the fastest hands at Merrick Avenue Middle School. This week he put his skills to the test at a Cube4Cam event, where he manipulated the rainbow-colored Rubik’s Cube to help raise money to combat childhood cancers.

“Sebastian has a passion for the Rubik’s Cube and is ready to demonstrate his talents for a good cause,” MAMS Principal Dr. Taryn Johnson said.

At the event, Sebastian participated as a competitor, and a judge/reviewer for others. His best time was 26 seconds, and he ranked No. 76, out 150 participants. This is recognized as one of the major events for world cube recording.

Otalora created the Cubing Club at Merrick Avenue, where he teaches children techniques to solve cubes, thereby emphesizing fun and speed to solve several types of cubes.

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