Doug Smestad Festival Coming

Smestad’s Knights, a group founded by students and teachers of Calhoun high school

in honor of former world history teacher Doug Smestad, is preparing to put on their

biggest feat yet — an all day variety festival based around Doug’s two greatest

passions: music and the Renaissance.

After Doug’s passing in September the group decided to dedicate a day in pure

celebration of Mr. Smestad and donate the proceeds to two pediatric cancer

organizations: Candlelighters NYC and Sunrise Day Camp.

Candlelighters NYC is an affliate of the American Childhood Cancer Organization

and provides support and resources for families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Sunrise Day Camp offers kids with cancer the opportunity to go to summer camp

when they otherwise may not be able to due to the limitations imposed by

treatment. Kids there are nurtured by a caring staf and are comforted by meeting

kids who are dealing with the same kinds of problems as them.

SmesFest will be a family event featuring music and performances. Members of

Doug’s former medieval reenactment group, Medieval Scenarios and Recreations,

Ltd. (the Kingdom of Acre), will be there to remind us of that ‘Renaissance Man’ that

we all knew and loved. Performances include those from Tom San Filippo of “Half

Step,” Gianni Paci, as well as those from Doug’s former students, including Julian

Eichholz, Chelsey Cohen, Spenser Lee Carrion, and members of the On Tour

Company (the Calhoun drama club).

More performers are listed on Vendors will be present throughout the day. Tickets are

on sale now.


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