Kennedy Vocalist Wins Reaching for the Stars

Eleventh-grade Kennedy High School student Nicolette Kosowski won Nassau County’s Reaching for the Stars competition this summer, after judging from a panel that included Merrick’s Robbie Rosen, former American Idol contestant.

“There were 120 contestants, who were reduced to 15, and Nicolette came in first place,” remarked a thrilled Lina Kosowski, Nicolette’s mother.

Nicolette has recently begun practicing with a new a cappella she has formed that she hopes can perform at the school holiday concerts, such as the Winter concert and the Spring concert. She sings soprano in the JFK Choir, the school’s Variety Choir – an advanced group, and sang the National Anthem at this year’s Bellmore Street Fair and Festival.

For her win in Reaching for the Stars, Nicolette sang “At Last” by Etta James. Nicolette has also auditioned for the All-County Jazz choir. She hopes to attend the Julliard School of Music after graduating from high school.



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