Summer Wine Refreshment!

Something to Wine About

By Linda Delmonico Prussen

For many people the warm weather doesn’t mean only a change in one’s closet, but also a change in one’s wine refrigerator. While some red wine drinkers stay true year ‘round to their cabs and merlots, other are ready to switch to whites or lighter reds.

One popular summer white is Sauvignon Blanc. This is a wine expertly produced in both New Zealand, a country famous for its sauvignon blancs, and California, which produces a slightly less acidic version of this wine. An excellent, and affordable, New Zealand sauvignon blanc is Oyster Bay. Sounds local, right? Ironically, it’s Oyster Bay, New Zealand. A delicious and deliciously different California version of this wine is St. Supery Sauvignon Blanc.

Another white made for summer sipping is the Portuguese Vinho Verde. Extremely affordable, low alcohol, light and refreshing, this is a great wine to bring to picnics. Twin Vines and Casal Garcia are two consistently good vinho verdes, but one wonderful quality of this varietal is that nearly all vinho verdes produced are consistently good.

While many think of chardonnay as the transitional wine to go from summer to fall, an unoaked chardonnay is the perfect way to enjoy this immensely popular grape in the summer. OR Chardonnay 2013, produced by a small boutique vineyard in Orient Point, is light, crisp and refreshing. Without any of the buttery or toasty flavors oak imparts, this wine tastes like summer in a bottle. OR produces both an oaked an unoaked version of chardonnay, so be sure to ask for the bottle with the black-and-silver label for the unoaked version. The black-and-gold label is its oaked chardonnay.

Want to stick with red, but go lighter? Pinot noir might be a perfect fit for you. Oyster Bay’s Pinot Noir is light, but still complex with notes of berry, black plum and spice. And if you’d, like you can serve it with a slight chill.

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