Calhoun Holds “International” Luncheon

Calhoun High School held its annual International Luncheon, organized by English as a New Language (ENL) students.

To honor, inform and celebrate the diverse cultures of each student in the ENL program, students made presentations, supplied music from their native countries, decorated the faculty lounge with festive national colors and prepared food that best represented their culture.


This year, attendees flew the friendly skies at Calhoun, as the students used a travel theme for decorations. Visitors filled out a passport and were urged to tape it to a large global map based upon their country of origin or ancestry. Flight attendants, skycaps, security and pilots mingled with students representing countries such as Guatemala, Japan, South Korea, El Salvador, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Several teachers and staff members also volunteered time to prepare traditional foods of their ancestry. The International Luncheon is dedicated to celebrating cultural diversity, while enjoying delicious food and fellowship.

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