Doing Good – While Having Some Wine

By Linda Delmonico Prussen

Research keeps pointing to moderate consumption of wine being a good thing for your health, but did you know you can do good for others while drinking wine?

Not only is Josh Cellars’ Cabernet Sauvignon fantastic, they have partnered with the Gary Sinise Foundation to help first responders. A video talking about their sponsorship can be found here:

The Great American Wine Company supports United States military charities. You can learn more about their donations here:

Indaba Wines is driven to support educating young winemakers and provides scholarship to financially needy and academically deserving students to pursue wine-related studies at graduate and post-graduate levels in South Africa.

BV Cellars has made donations to programs for hunger relief in the United States. More on their efforts to end hunger here:

Find you’re drawn more to helping our four-legged friends? Think about trying Rosenblum Cellars Chateau La Paws. Rosenblum Cellars will be partnering with the North Shore Animal League to help save the lives of shelter dogs. Checkout their mission and wines here:

Want to help our bigger four-legged friends? Baiting Hollow Vineyard, right here on Long Island, also houses a horse-rescue sanctuary. The proceeds from a line of their wines help fund the horse-rescue program. You can visit the vineyard and see exactly how your money helps save our equine friends.
And of course, buying Long Island wines also helps our local economy. Check out their vineyard and horse rescue efforts here:

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