Wines to Enjoy for the Holidays

Something to wine about…

By Linda Delmonico Prussen

The holidays are here and it’s all about the food and wine! Whether you’re hosting a gathering or visiting and being hosted, the question of what wines to have will come to mind.


Want to bring a wine while visiting for the holidays? Bring one you know the hosts enjoy. If you don’t know what brand they like at least try for the varietal you know they drink. Trying to pair wine with what’s being served can be tricky if not planned in advance. If you are planning with the host to bring the wine for dinner, ask what they’ll be serving and if they have any preferences.

If you’re bringing a white to serve with dinner, bring it chilled from the refrigerator. Don’t wait until the last minute and stick it in the freezer. If you haven’t planned with the host to bring the wine for dinner, simply buy a wine you know they love and don’t expect them to open it for dinner.

If you’re hosting dinner and plan on serving wine, you don’t have to break the bank with your vino purchase. But keeping in mind you wouldn’t risk using inferior ingredients in your dishes, do buy quality wine. While some pairings are simple, white for fish and chicken, and red for meat, some people aren’t quite that easy. There are red wine drinkers that only drink red. And there are white wine drinkers who have a strong preference for white. If you have a mixed crowd you should have both on hand.

Will your Christmas Eve dinner be a seafood festival?  If so, an un-oaked chardonnay such as OR Wine’s 2013 vintage, or the lightly oaked 2012 vintage, also from OR Wine, would be perfect. These wines also pair stunningly well with turkey and ham.

For reds, pinot noir is considered the best food-pairing wine. Oyster Bay’s Pinot Noir is light and pairs well with appetizers and main dishes. A chianti is a good option to have if you’re serving a pasta course with red sauce. And if you have true red wine fans, it’s a good idea to have a fuller -bodied option like cabernet sauvignon on hand. The richer reds go well into the dessert course and pair fabulously with chocolate.

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Happy Holidays to everyone!

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