Kosher Market Comes Back to Merrick

“When will you be opening?”a woman driving on Merrick Road called out to proprietor Larry Goldstein in front of his newest kosher store after slowing down in rush hour traffic, speeding away again in response to honking horns only after he obliged her with ”Sometime next month!”

“I’ve had people stopping me in the street asking me when I’m going to open the store,” an upbeat Goldstein told this magazine recently in front of his new Prime Kosher Glatt Market of Merrick, 2012 Merrick Road.

All the attention is clearly about Goldstein in the midst of preparations for a comeback into his old neighbor- hood in Merrick and the new 1125 square-foot kosher butcher store, the kind he ran from 1992 to 2006 on Mer- rick Road in Merrick as the Kosher Emporium before moving to Plainview to open the same store there.

He will also tell you that, living in Merrick since 1990, he never left the community. He continued to serve a loyal clientele from the Merrick-Bellmore communities who would come to his store in Plainview. And … every week he would drop off food items at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life on Hewlett Avenue.

“Larry has been very generous to us for years from his store in Plainview, where he donates food items weekly that have helped our program to feed the elderly and those who don’t cook or are unable to,” remarked Chanie Kramer of the Chabad Center. With Gold- stein living in Merrick, “he personally drops off the items to us,” she said.

Meanwhile, Goldstein remains a congregant of the Merrick Jewish Centre. He’s back in Merrick because, as he says, there is a good market for a glatt kosher butcher in Merrick, the same way there is room for two kosher bagel stores practically all on the same street. Recognizing the strong Jewish religious character of the Merricks and Bellmores, he chose to serve glatt kosher because “it is a higher level of kosher, more religious,” he said. And, as a butcher, his profession is to reach and serve as many people with quality lines of product as he can.

While his Prime Kosher Glatt Market of Merrick will offer groceries and fresh salads, wraps, assorted chicken dishes, Chinese foods, Italian specialties, fresh fish, fresh meats and poultry he says will all be “reasonably priced,”he will also bring in a manager named Gary Kaufman, who ran the Kosher Meat Farm at Cherrywood Shopping Center in Wantagh for 37 years before selling it.

Goldstein brings 35 years as a butcher– from a long line of kosher butchers that in-cluded his father and grandfather – and Kaufman brings close to 40 years of kosher butchering into the neighborhood to provide knowledgeable service in kosher provisions.

Temple Beth Am congregant and sisterhood member Dr. Jane Batterman commented, “It will be great to have a new kosher butcher so nearby. Working moms like me will love the convenience in our never-ending quest to make healthy, delicious and sometimes last-minute meals for our families.”

Both Goldstein and Kaufman look to reach into the wider community that may not necessarily be focused on kosher foods, however. “We are indeed marketing to the community at large,” Goldstein said, saying that their Chinese dishes and Italian specialties will, while kosher, speak to those conscious cuisine consumers that still look for quality foods at affordable prices.

Look for the Prime Kosher Glatt Market of Merrick to open in September.

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