North and Central Merrick Civic to Restart Neighborhood Watch Program

In response to growing concerns from residents in the North and Central Merrick neighborhoods along William Street, and Fraser and Maeder Avenues, the North and Central Merrick Civic Association looks to re-institute its Neighborhood Watch Program.

A recent attempted murder at a home on William Street, loaded guns being flaunted on Maeder Avenue and the car of a woman killed in Farmingville being found in the parking lot off Washington Drive in North Merrick has moved NCMCA President Claudia Borecky to consider reviving the neighborhood watch program.

“I am getting calls from residents about the issues we have faced recently in North Merrick, including the attempted murder” and now the car of a slain woman found in North Merrick, Borecky told this website.

“Many residents in general do not like to call the police when something happens,” and so it may go unreported, Borecky continued. She said they may be afraid they have to get involved in answering questions to police and perhaps get involved in the courts.

“But if we bring back the block captains in a neighborhood watch program then residents may feel more free to discuss what they see with a block captain,” because all information is kept in confidence, she said.

The first neighborhood watch program was begun in January 2010 after a woman was robbed in her driveway on Chapin Avenue. Borecky said the outpouring of interest in a neighborhood watch program lead to well over a thousand residents to sign on or become active in watching for suspicious activity in the neighborhoods.

Borecky will call a special civics meeting in the first week of August to address the issue of restarting the neighborhood watch program. For information on the meeting, and for more on the neighborhood watch program, visit the North and Central Merrick Civic Association at, or call 972-6988.

Regarding the attempted murder on William Street last week, the Town of Hempstead issued a Notice of Over Occupancy to the 14 members of a family living at the home, in which the husband shot his wife in the hand with a shotgun. A ToH spokeswoman told this website that that number has now been reduced to 10, satisfying the town’s building code requirement.

At an impromptu meeting held by county Legislator last week at the North Merrick Fire Department headquarters on Camp Avenue, a woman living on Maeder Avenue spoke of the fear of living on the street because of renters who appeared to be flaunting weapons. She noted to the over-140 in attendance at the meeting that she may be forced to move if measures aren’t taken.

Borecky concluded that she hoped the neighborhood watch program could in fact be the measure needed to key the woman and her family in their home and feeling safe.

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