One-man Comedy-plays Find Home at Bellmore Theater

Looking to serve a growing public fascination with hearing compelling tales of truth, justice and growing up the American way as only a comedian can tell them, Gary Smith of the has scheduled several well-known national comedians who will perform one-man comedy plays this summer at the Bellmore Theater that will surely expose the hilarity – and beautiful underbelly – of life.

Smith, who first opened the Brokerage Cabaret and joined with Rich Minervini of the East Side Comedy Club – and Minervini’s brother at Chuckles – to discover the new comedians and expose them all over Long Island while taking comedy to new levels in the 1980s and ‘90s, has seen the maturation of comedy among comedians, where they now have stories to tell about their lives, some broken, some merely disheveled – but all honest and in good fun.

Smith produced Tommy Koenig’s “Boom baby- Boom” on the Bellmore Theater stage about a comedian who was born soon after the first atomic bomb went off and who told – and sang – a hilarious tale of baby boomers growing up under the “glowing” cloud of new music, fashions and cultural upheavals.

“I’m increasing the number of one-man comedy plays that focus on life,” he said, because these comedians have a story to tell. He noted Billy Crystal’s and Jackie Mason’s successful runs on Broadway – and Koenig’s – as examples of the successful genre of comedic one-man plays.

Saying he has talked with several comedians about their interest in one-man plays, Smith said most admit to indeed having a story to tell – and would love to tell it.

First up, Joey Vega (the opening act for Marc Anthony’s concert tour, among the most successful entertainers of the year) will appear on Friday, July 18, performing his one-man comedy play “50 Shades of Love, Sex and Marriage.” Already Smith sees a segment of the public interested in the show quickly purchasing tickets at the website.

After Joey Vega will be Australian Jim Dailakis with his one-man comedy play “Skitzo” featuring …several of Dailakis’ characters!

Dailakis’ comedy is described as “When you’re a bullied, weak and tiny Greek Australian boy, have the physique of a stick insect, resemble a pretty girl, talk to yourself more often than is considered normal, inspired by American icons and want to be Chinese; your choices in life are often limited to becoming an actor or comedian.”

“To escape the constant teasing, beatings and the harshness of his elementary school reality, Jim found solace, peace and comfort watching American TV shows. From his first comedic inspiration, Bugs Bunny, and a desire to be just like his American movie star heroes, he promised himself to be an Academy award-winning A-list actor, the next Bruce Lee and the second fastest martial artist in the world. In “Skitso,” these icons all come pay him a visit in an effort to help him live out his dreams and to become a stronger, better, faster more motivating force. He plays all of them; over 25 stars and celebrities as well as original characters.”

Steve Marshall then comes into town with his show. A winner of the Long Island International Film Festival for his comic short “Get This Script to Woody Allen,” he’ll provide a viewing of his “Script” and break into his one-man play “Don’t Behave.”
These comics are very good writers and actors as well as comedians, said Smith of the one-man comedy plays.

He emphasized the nature of these shows at the Bellmore Theater as being distinct from club shows in that there are no minimum requirements to stay in your seat, no minimum drinks to put away. “These plays are made for theaters.”

For complete information on the shows and prices visit or call 785-4234. You can also call the Bellmore Theater box office for information, at 783-3199.


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