North Bellmore Woman Wins County Trailblazer Award

North Bellmore resident and activist Jeanette Deutermann received the 16th Annual Trailblazers Award at a ceremony at the Chambers of the Nassau County Legislature last week. Legislator Dave Denenberg (D-Merrick) honored the North Bellmore resident, a mother of two children in the North Bellmore Public Schools, who has been an educator as well as surrounded by educators her whole life. Being in such an environment had made it natural for her to develop into a key educational advocate for community and children in New York’s public schools. 

 As part of Women’s History Month, the County Legislators honor outstanding women in their legislative districts who have “blazed trails” through the work they do in their communities. Jeanette Deutermann is a perfect example of a “trailblazer.”

She began noticing an alarming change in her sons’ regard for education over a matter of a couple years.  It seemed the high-stakes testing and the test-driven Common Core Curriculum created more anxiety in her sons than educational empowerment. After researching what was happening in the local and state educational system, she found that parents were being left out of the conversation. It was the children and students that were getting the harmful effects of this test-driven atmosphere.

Jeanette then quickly became involved in the “Opt Out movement” and made it her mission to educate parents about what was happening within their children’s classrooms, and what they could do about it.

 She is the creator of a Facebook group called Long Island Opt Out, which  has over 15,000 members. She is also a co-founder of the organization New York State Allies for Public Education.  Both of these organizations work to educate parents on the effects of high stakes testing, common core, data mining and APPR. 

 Jeanette has organized and spoken to parents at over 30 forums all across Long Island this year, and testified at both the Senate and Assembly hearings on education reform this past fall.  She works with legislators, administrators, Board of Regents members, educators, parents, and community members, to effect positive comprehensive changes to the harmful education reforms in our NY public schools.  Her goal is to stop high-stakes testing tied to teacher evaluations, protect children’s private records from being stored in the ‘cloud,’ and restore the love of learning for all of our public school children.

 Legislator Denenberg said; “Jeanette Deutermann is not just an educational advocate for her children, but an advocate for all children.  With the big changes being implemented by way of New York State’s Common Core curriculum as a parent, community member and fighter for quality education, I feel lucky that Jeanette has placed herself as a lead voice for our children, parents and public schools.”

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