“Babylon Fields” Films in Bellmore

Several Bellmore residents getting off the LIRR yesterday around 6:45 p.m. stopped in their  tracks while walking down Bedford Avenue –  to get to their cars or home – when a zombie appeared in the street, wondering among auto wreckage and curious garbage on Bedford Avenue before breaking down the door of McBride’s Pub and causing havoc inside.

babfields 052

An eeriness fills the street amid damaged cars on Bedford Avenue during filming of “Babylon Fields”

20th Century Fox Television filmed scenes from a new drama pilot being developed for NBC Television called “Babylon Fields,” which included broken-down cars strewn over Bedford Avenue between Smith Street and Broadway/Pettit Avenue, and scenes filmed inside McBride’s Pub.  Nassau County Police, along with NCPD PIO officers, were on hand to maintain traffic and keep the area clear of pedestrians for filming.

Resurrected from the dead

The new pilot is anything but new. Instead, like the dead it focuses on, it is a “resurrection” of a 2007 pilot developed by CBS Television that never made the cut.  The website IMDb describes the pilot as “the dead return to earth in an attempt to restore old wounds.”  The show takes its name from Babylon in Suffolk County, where the main plot is centered.  According to published reports in trade dailies, the interest in zombie themes was resurrected starting in 2010 with the success of AMC’s series “The Walking Dead.”

Chris Alexander, senior vice-president of communications at 20th Century Fox Television, told this website that Jennifer Salke worked at 20th Century Fox Television when CBS ordered the pilot. While it never made the film reel, Salke eventually landed at NBC to become president of entertainment, and called for the new pilot.

The pilot includes stars Virginia Madsen and Skeet Ulrich, as the zombie. Brothers Gerald and Michael Guesta (“Homeland,” “Dexter”), along with Michael Atkinson, will write and produce the pilot. Gerald Guesta will direct. The brothers and Atkinson were involved in the original series in 2007.

Commuters coming off the trains took out smart phones and began snapping away once seeing Bedford Avenue tied up in commotion.  Others were held back for several minutes at the traffic light at Bedford and Broadway, as scenes were shot inside the pub.

One production assistant said that the inside scenes were shot with outside background, so it was important to not get commuters walking in the background.

For full version of the 2007 unsold pilot visit www.dailymotion.com/video/xssr0h_babylon-fields-2007-unsold-pilot_shortfilms.

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