North Bellmore’s Billy Dean Cafe Pending License Renewal Not Tied to Wantagh Decision

The decision to grant or deny Billy Dean’s Café in North Bellmore a license to continue to operate will not be influenced by the recent New York State Appellate Court’s decision upholding the state’s Supreme Court decision to uphold the Town of Hempstead’s denial of an operating license to Billy Dean to operate a restaurant in Wantagh.

Hempstead Town’s zoning Board of Appeals Chairman David Weiss offered no comment on whether the Appellate Court’s decision on Billy Dean’s Wantagh property would affect the board’s decision on Dean’s North Bellmore storefront, though it has been more than a year-and -a-half since Billy Dean applied for another six-year license to operate his North Bellmore café. 

Weiss did say he was pleased the Appellate Court upheld the town’s decision to deny an operating license to Dean for his Wantagh property.  The town had originally granted a license to Billy Dean to operate a restaurant at the new location in Wantagh, but rescinded the license when it became apparent neighbors did not want the restaurant in their neighborhood, citing concerns Dean would turn it into an adult cabaret.

Meanwhile, Bill Cohn, attorney for Dean, said he was preparing to appeal the Appellate Court’s decision to the state’s highest appeals court, the Court of Appeals. He said it would be hard to determine whether the zoning board would deny Billy Dean’s in North Bellmore a license to continue to operate based on the recent Appellate Court decision.

“I can’t see a reason for denial of Billy Dean’s in North Bellmore,” he told this magazine.  Billy Dean’s has been a good neighbor since 1998, he continued.

They could render a decision, or wait until a new appeal wound its way through the appeals court, Cohn concluded.

In a lengthy meeting in June 2012 before the town’s zoning Board of Appeals, Dean argued that his club is not in fact a strip club because no dancers remove garments of any kind, even if he promoted it as such on his Internet website. The word strip was used as a search engine optimization  (SEO) word to drive people to his website to learn about the café, he said then.

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