Get a massage for a great cause – at the MERRICK FAIR!

Come get your $1/minute massage for Meghan’s miracle!

Meghan, from Bellmore,  is a 22 year old girl who was diagnosed with an exceedingly rare form of cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. This has left Meghan with astronomical medical expenses.

She had to incur chemotherapy and undergo procedures to preserve her ability to have children. She also endured two total knee replacements with a revision, and subsequent Physical Therapy to save her right leg. Her fight for cancer has been over a year now and her insurance has reached maximum benefits.

She now participates, pro bono, in The Annex’s medically oriented gym program (located in Merrick) so she may return to her life as normal as possible. Meghan is a vibrant young lady and is a fighter! The fundraiser is to help change her future. She should NOT be paying for medical expenses; she should be paying for college of which she had to stop to take care of her health.

The Annex/Therapeutic Solutions Physical Therapy staff is donating our time and effort into providing massages and complimentary consults to raise money and as well as accepting any donations on her behalf.

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